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Book title: The Awaited - Questions & Answers

Author: Ali Hussain

Published by: Al-Mansuri Publications

Number of pages: 220



The book's Approach

It is worth emphasizing here that the book's ideas are not based on ancient legends, nor does it reflect some sort of narrative of science fiction, involving utopian predictions about man's future. This book is based on scientific research, and it intends to give an objective understanding of the common human hope for salvation and the establishment of a just global community.

This book has been written for the academic, as well as the young student. It flowing the style of question and answer in order to create an attentive environment for the reader. This style will allow for the reader to move from topic as he pleases. I hope the reader will follow the book's ideas with excitement.

The quotations taken from other objective sources for proving a point are not necessary used with the intention of creating certainty.

In the course of scientific discussion many adopted arguments may prove to be unconvincing for the other side. Logicians gave thus divided 'argument' into different major categories, such as:

• Al-Burhan – Certain proof, Which is based on a pure rational method.

• Shaaban or Munabih 'ala Al-Wijdan – A method by which the attention is drawn to a matter through clear and obvious reasoning, however the point is considered as axiomatic and a priori.

• Al-Jadal – When a quotation accepted by the other side can be used in criticism – to clarify a point.

Any scientific quotations implemented in this book are used in the context of the second or even third category of the above.

When we also mention narrations from non-Shi'ah references, it is just a matter of strengthening conviction from the wores of others. It is not necessarily the case that we accept the reliability of the narrators, nor automatically consider the narration to be authentic.

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