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All divine religions believe that a savior and a strong divine hand will come in a part of the human history. He will come to save the world from injustice, oppression and cruelty. All Muslim sects and denominations believe that Imam Mahdi (a.s.) who is from the descendants of the holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) will fill the world with justice and will rise up to uphold God’s religion and divine right. Even non-Muslims somehow believe in a favorable and luminous future for humanity which is in conformity with our belief in Mahdsim. Thus, this doctrine in which all Muslim believe is not exclusive to Shiites. Of course, there are some differences about the particulars and details of the belief among divine religions and Muslim sects. However, Muslims in general believe unanimously that a time will come when a person from the Prophet's family will rise up and embark on reforming the entire world.

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1. Making use of modern cultural weapons make Jewish anti-Islam policies abortive

2. Knowledge and subservience, the only way to human salvation

3. Making use of modern tools to introduce Islamic seminaries to the world

4. “You have been selected for this task,” says Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum to the Board of Trustees for Reconstruction of Burial Chamber of Imam Hussein (a.s.)

5. Students of Imam Musa bin Ja’far Islamic Seminary visit Vali-e Asr (atf) World Center

6. Message of Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum extending his condolences on the demise of Ayatollah Malek Husseini

7. Ayatollah Mirdamadi visits First Int’l Ghadir Festival in Najaf

8. Cleric clerics receive turbans from Grand Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum in Najaf

9. “The Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) is God’s Trustee,” Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum stressed

10. Ghadir Festival secretary general underscored strengthening of the principles of beliefs in a systematic way in Islamic seminaries

11. Extracting key points from verses and traditions, effective measure for attracting people to Shi’ism

12. Expanding Mahdawiyah sessions to deal with specious arguments, protects Iraqi mass against deviations of pseudo claimants

13. Destroying the shrine of Imāmzādeh Abdul Salam, continuation of Ma’awiyah’s satanic policy in destroying the graves of Uhud martyrs

14. Muslim Genocide in Myanmar, Proof of Buddhism’s False Claim of Kindness to Mankind

15. Reviving Samarra Seminary is a step towards obviating injustice against Shia

16. Second Conference of Mahdawi Authors Held with Ayatollah Sanad in Attendance (image report)

17. 45th Branch of Vali-e Asr World Center Inaugurated in Tankabon

18. Anti-Shia websites and satellite TV channels are Jew sponsored media

19. Ayatollah Sayyid Mahmood Bahrul Ulum Mirdamadi protests and cautions against the National Conference on Eastern Mysticism

20. Celebrations on the auspicious birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi (a.s) held in Russia

21. Closing Ceremony of the Ten-Day Celebrations on the Auspicious Birthday of Imam Mahdi (atf) Held in Isfahan

22. End-of-year examinations held in Holy Najaf Seminary

23. Exposition of Nudba Supplication in ‘Mahdawi Epistemic Circle’ on the Ten Day of Messianic Celebrations

24. A Series of Meetings Dubbed “The Deceit of Sects” Held by Sayyid Hadi Salehi

25. The Ten Days of Mahdawiyah and Information Approach in the Cyber Atmosphere (Fourth News Conference)

26. “Mahdawiyah is central to Islam’s identity”, Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum Mirdamadi stressed

27. Messianic Authors Celebrated in Isfahan on the Eve of the Ten Days of Mahdawiyah

28. Message of Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum extending condolences on the demise of Ayatollah Sheikh al-Qurashi

29. Ideological books with modern writing style are a need of religious seminaries

30. Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum meets grand Ayatollah Shaykh Muhammad Amin Mamqani in Najaf

31. Kissing holy sites, a practice of Shiite scholars to show their respect to Infallible Imams

32. Isolating Shaykh Ahmed Kubaisi is a sign of fighting freedom of expression

33. The verse of ‘Perfection of Religion’ discredits all emerging types of mysticism

34. All of us are under the educational supervision of the Imam of Time (atf)

35. Held in the attendance of dignified religious scholars in Isfahan; Caravan of barefooted mourners mourned the martyrdom of Lady Fatima (s.a) in the city of Allamah Majlisi (image report)

36. Ayatollah Sanad Al-Bahrani meets Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

37. Message of Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum offering his profound condolences on the demise of Hojjatoleslam Abul Hasani

38. Research on Shi'ism Conducted by Christian Couple

39. Ayatollah Bashir Najafi's son visits Isfahan, the city of Allamah Majlisi (r.a)

40. Love of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) is the only way to true happiness", say Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

41. Mourning ceremony held on the seventh night of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a.s) and the martyrs of Karbala

42. "Preachers who do not speak of Imamate and Mahdaviyya during Muharram and Safar are disloyal to the religion," says Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

43. “Theoretical Ghadir is the day of Ghadir Khum and Practical Ghadir is the day of the reappearance of the Imam of Age,” says Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

44. Shaykh Majid Al-Sa’egh meets Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

45. Ghadir Celebrations Held in the Shrine of Commander of the Faithful (a.s)

46. Special Ziarat and A'amal for Ghadir, the Greater Eid

47. “We should not let Ghadir be put into isolation”, says Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

48. Arafah Supplication Ceremony Held in Esfahan Vali Asr (atf) World Center

49. Shia is ready to debate with Huzaifi in Saudi Arabia

50. Muslims should investigate comments made by Al-Ahmadi Mosque prayer leader

51. Filipino Shiite prayer leader appealed for setting up a branch of Vali-e Asr World Center in his country

52. Somalian Muballigh visits Vali-e Asr World Center in Qom

53. Religious and Cultural Figures Visit Vali-e Asr World Center

54. Fiqh and Usul Lessons Started in Najaf Seminary

55. Representative of Vali-e Asr World Center attends The 5th General Assembly of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (image report)

56. "It is time to introduce Mahdism at the international level," Ayatollah Saafi Gulpaigani

57. Regional developments constitute a great opportunity to introduce Shia thinking

58. "Shia Teachings have been passed on to us with pains suffered by scientific personalities," says Ayatollah Shirazi

59. Youths should be led towards seeking messianic sciences.

60. Second Series of 'The Chandelier of Revelation' Held in Esfahan.

61. Ghadir and Mahdism Lasting Figure Honored in Closing Ceremony of Mahdism Celebrations

62. Third News Conference on Ten Days of Mahism and Information Approach in the Virtual World

63. "Juridical Discourses on Imamate and Mahdism Neglected in Islamic Seminaries," says Ayatollah Mahmud Bahrul Ulum

64. "More than 140 books to be sent via Bluetooth during Mahdaviyat celebration days," says Hojjatoleslam Rawazati

65. "Celebration programs on the Ten Days of Mahdaviyat to be held in 34 countries," says Shari'atzadeh

66. "Scientific migration of Shiite scholars, a point of strength for the Islamic Seminary," says Ayatollah Bashir Najafi

67. I sacrifice my soul for Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance)

68. Isfahan seminary scholars take out procession on the day of the martyrdom of Zahra (s.a)

69. "Spreading the knowledge of Fatima paves ground for reappearance", says Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum

70. "Answering spurious arguments concerning Mahdaviyat is necessary," says director of Vali-e Asr World Center

71. Symposium Held in Qom in the Attendance of Seminary Students from Various Countries

72. Condolence Message on the Demise of Ayatollah Faqih Imami

73. Mourning for Imam Hasan (a.s) Held in Qom

74. Dar al-Zahra Seminary teachers visit Vali-e Asr World Center in Qom

75. Muslims' Huge Gathering in Thailand

76. Imamate and Mahdaviyat Approach in the Holy Seminary of Najaf

77. Ayatollah Bahrul Ulum Declares Readiness to Debate with Scholars of other Islamic Sects on the Event of Ghadir

78. Arafah Supplication Ceremony Held in Esfahan

79. Pakistani and Indian Poets Visit Hazrat Vali Asr World Center

80. Publisher of the first gold-plated Quran visits Vali Asr World Center

81. Head of Islamic Seminary of the holy city of Karbala visit Vali Asr World Center in Qom

82. Hujjatul-islam Bahrul Ulum visits Rah Haq Cultural Center, Russian Shiites' Representative Office in Qom

83. Isfahan's Qaimiyah manager and faculty members visit Hazrat Vali Asr World Center

84. Closing Ceremony of the Ten Days of Mahdaviyah in Esfahan

85. Celebrations Held in Tehran on the Auspicious Ten Days of Mahdaviyat

86. 2nd Press Conference on Mahdism & Information Approach in the Digital World

87. World Fragrant with Mahdavi Perfume

88. Islam will encompass the world with the reappearance of the Savior

89. Shi'ism will introduce the true 'Promised"

90. The 11th Educational Program to Be Held During Ten Days of Mahdaviyat

91. Scholars and Islamic Seminary Lecturers Barren-footed on Fatimid Ashura

92. Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Held in Esfahan and Outskirts

93. Fatimiyah Mourning Ceremonies Held in Qom

94. Philosophers and Sufis are not conduits for genuine Islamic teachings

95. Prominent Seminary Lecturers Visit Vali-e Asr Global Center

96. Head of Vali-e Asr Global Center Meets Scholars and Researchers of Esfahan

97. Thai Shiites' prominent personality visits I.R. Iran

98. Educational Terms to be Held on Imamat and Mahdaviyat

99. A Series of Discourses on Religious Epistemology Held on Fridays

100. Ghadir Day Celebrations Held in Isfahan

101. Speech of Head of Vali-e Asr World Center at the Opening Ceremony of Boushehr Branch

102. Hazrat-e Vali-e Asr World Center Inaugurated in Boushehr

103. Hojjatul Islam Abulhasani Monzer visits Vali-e Asr World Center in Qom

104. Pictorial report of inaugural ceremony of Imam Mahdi (pbu) network Qom office

105. Some pictures of wearing clergy clothes in Qom by African student Hojatol Islam Darol Hekma frome Ghana

106. Ayatollah Mosavi Isfahani's return) visit from global center of Imam Mahdi (pbu) in Qom

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