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In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful


The value and momentum of every undertaking depends on the values established in the subject of the action. The greatness of the service rendered for the cause of Imam Mahdi (aj) is linked to the greatness of the Imam especially at the present time when, according to Quranic verses which says "stop them because they have to be asked", our responsibility towards the Imam (aj) has increased manifold.

The calls of the opponents, the licentious voices of the godless and those who disbelieve in God's Messenger attacking upon the religion of Islam, conspiring against Shi'ism and the school of Ahlalbayt (a.s.) and blocking all ways to researchers to find the right path, should not be left unanswered.

We are responsible for the researchers' community all over the world  to quench their thirst for knowledge. If we fail to do so, we would be guilty and held responsible. On the day to come, we would be asked with these questions: "Why did you not enlighten those researchers about the teachings of the Ahlalbayt? Why didn't you give a tooth-breaking answer to the deviants and those who had wrong beliefs about Mahdism and the heavenly reformer of the World so that the way would be paved for researchers and that the most superior cultural system could firmly be adopted and the best leader and the best guide could be followed?"

Hence, our responsibility stems from the Quran and narratives which consider Muslims as responsible for the position of Wilayah of the Imams including the great reform of the world, Imam Mahdi – may God hasten his reappearance. Any negligence on our part in this regard would amount to neglecting the remembrance of the Almighty God. All Muslims –Shiites and Sunnis – admit that as per the Quanic verses and narratives, the clear manifestation of neglecting the remembrance of God is negligence towards the 'gates of Allah' i.e. the Ahlalbayt (a.s.) including Hazrat Mahdi, the Imam of Time –may Allah hasten his reappearance.

We admit that the steps taken by us to introduce Imam Mahdi (aj.) and his teachings are very little and insignificant. We apologize to the Imam for our shortcoming and guilt. The specialized website on Imam Mahdi (aj) which we have launched consists of materials on the following areas:

1)      Introducing Imam Mahdi (a.s.) in a new method;

2)      Confronting Ideological and Cultural Assaults;

3)      Direct contact and dialogue among Shiites and followers of other Muslim or non-Muslim sects and religions;

4)      Thematic library on Imam Mahdi (aj);

5)      Meetings with messianic figures, scholars and  intellectuals;

6)      News and updates about new events concerning Mahdism and the global savior;

7)      Questions and answers;

8)      Preparing and receiving encyclopedias on Mahdism;

9)      Analysis and study of questions, misgivings and spurious arguments about Shiite beliefs especially Imam Mahdi and criticism of orientalists' discourses.